• Social Media Tool for Joomla

    A powerful social content platform to manage multiple social networks.Buy NowLearn More
  • Posts Scheduling

    New tools to create, edit, schedule, and repeat posts, integrated with Joomla extensions.Buy NowLearn More
  • A Virtual Media Manager

    High-level virtual assistant working 7x24, on fixed days, publishing evergreen posts, post repeats, etc.Buy NowLearn More
  • Social Auto Publish

    It publishes auto-magically from Joomla extensions to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.Buy NowLearn More
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Content-oriented Solution

Seamless content integration. A solution to create channels, manage requests, evergreens, rules, posts and RSS feeds. Ready for High Load.

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Engage & Publish

Publish content in a faster and more efficient way according to the designed strategy: virtual media manager, publishing attributes, channel chooser, agenda and repeats for scheduling.

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Social Management

High-level virtual assistant to manage messages: follow a defined agenda, repeat or repeat or republish as evergreen, according to working hours.

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Fully Integrated Publishing ToolsMake content creation a team effort with Joomla integrated hub

Integrated Operation

Content is published from integrated extensions, and distributed to social channels according defined rules.

Team collaboration tools

Tasks managed according Joomla Users, Groups, Roles, and Permissions.

Media Management

Options to include images, choose image to post , powerful media message creation.


Advanced scheduling & publishing tools

Edition tools allows to define content item attributes, publishing agenda, repeat frequency, evergreen properties, specific images or channels.

Define perfect messages

Powerful Rule Engine, to create customized messages by category, author, language, pattern replacement, text terms, etc.

Complement your strategy

RSS Feeds grabber to add new Articles and Messages. Conditional to specific subjects.

Essential tool for managing social networks

Manage a wide set of channels: Facebook Profile, Event, Group, Link, Page, and Photo; Twitter; LinkedIn Profile, Company, or Group; Google+ Moments Profiles or Pages; and VK Profile or Group (beta).

Essential tool for managing social networks
Essential tool for managing social networks

Cutting Edge Automation

Post your website activity, or any of your social media distribution channels, immediately on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus..

What Our Customers Said

  • This extension does exactly what it says it does: sharing content from your Joomla site to your social media sites. It has a wide array of features and has very thorough documentation. I was up and running in less than 5 minutes. This extension makes consistency in our marketing efforts significantly easier.

    On top of that, there service is superb! I have worked with a great number of third party Joomla extension developers and this company is one of my top 3 when it comes to support. I almost always get responses to my support tickets the same day and they provide you with the exact answer or solution you are looking for. The extension itself has never had issues, but I often times have special requests and they're quick to respond. I've even seen them add features I have requested in the very next release of the software! Truly one of the best developers out there!
    Source: Joomla! Extensions Directory
    CarbonIsleCarbonIsleCustomer review on JED
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Latest From the Blog

Joocial, year 2015: a new hub for social content management

Published: Friday, 19 December 2014

With the release of AutoTweetNG and Joocial v7.6, we have completed the 2014 objectives to introduce a new hub for social content management.

Nowadays, content strategy is relevant through a variety of distribution channels. The “web page” is not longer the main channel. A Hub of Channels has created a new way to communicate us.

Our aim to manage posts is based on a set of common tools for content composition, scheduling, repetition and integration from the business source to multiple segmented targets.

To consolidate this vision, beyond simply renewing the platform, we have been steadily adding integrated extensions to reach a whopping number of +50 extensions. On the other hand, beyond the most popular social networks, likewise Facebook and Twitter, we have just incorporated Scoop.it, Tumblr, JomSocial and EasySocial. Particularly, JomSocial and EasySocial are native Joomla! social networks.

Far from plain auto-publish, AutoTweet NG and Joocial create Posts from articles, RSS news feeds and manual messages to introduce new content actions into the social hub, along selection, creation, maintenance and distribution steps.

Once the messages are generated, a virtual assistant helps to publish and manage a publishing agenda to reach the target audience. As a result, the content is distributed to multiple and evolving channels.

The concept of a “web page” can no longer be equated to the content itself. We need to stop referencing “web page” as content. CMS users need to start seeing content as something separate from the web page. The old perception of the "web page" must die.

This is certainly a challenging task. It requires a change in the user’s mental model. Instead of authors asking “How does this look?” they ought to ask “How does this read?”

Karen McGrane, Channels, Chunks, and the Death of the "Web Page", written by Randy Carey - Joomla! Community Magazine, Issue 2014 May

New Year Resolutions

Following this year of great achievements, we have several objectives for 2015:

  • Joomla! 2.5 is reaching the general End of Support, on December 31, 2014. The next mayor release of AutoTweetNG and Joocial 8 will not support it.
  • With more room for growth, we plan to extend our support for mobile devices and responsive technologies. For instance, under the radar, we released XT Adaptive Images, changing how images are generated for mobile devices in Joomla!.
  • Complementary management services: Internet is very large. Thus, multiple services have to be orchestrated to manage an ever-increasing complexity. We are planning to integrate third-party services to enhance several areas, such as dashboards and reporting.
  • Working on our renewed platform, we are in the iterative process to improve and update extensions information, user manuals, demo sites and tutorials.
  • And more powerful features, integrated extensions and social channels are coming.

To sum up, our focus is filling the need for serving up content across multiple social channels. A year ago, we delineated our objectives to update all extensions and our internal processes. Today, we have completed them and we are ready to take on the challenge of a unified social hub for 2015.

Thank you for your constant feedback and support!


Joocial - Social content management - Full social content management in Joomla! Beyond the original AutoTweet NG auto publish solution, Joocial is here to provide a Social Composer and Social Publishing Management: New tools to create, edit, schedule, and repeat posts, integrated with Joomla extensions. CATEGORY: Social Media RATING:
4.9( 4)
Price: 49,99 €
5 stars - " they listen to their customer need" by Hello when i took a look at the list that included almost if not all the most pouplar extensions of Joomla , i realized that Extly team do listen to their customers and i just wanna say keep it up guys , bet of luck :)
5 stars - " Great Support " by I am still getting to grips with the component it seems to do everything it promises and i very quickly got the operations of the of the component. and there seems to be a lot of flexibility you can program/ configure into the way the social media channels take and report information from the site. The Setting up is a little tricky mainly because of the external resources which need configuring, Fortunately the support team were brilliant at showing me the errors of my ways and helping to resolve issues created via the third party apps which need configuring with a lot of precision. Great Support what more can you say or want.