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    Users can share all site actitity to profiles in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.Buy NowLearn More
  • Social Media Tool for Joomla

    A powerful social content platform to manage multiple social networks. Check out the tutorials!Buy NowLearn More
  • Schedule messages

    New tools to create, edit, schedule, and repeat posts, integrated with Joomla extensions.Buy NowLearn More
  • A Virtual Media Manager

    High-level virtual assistant working 7x24, on fixed days, publishing evergreen posts, post repeats, etc.Buy NowLearn More
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A Social Media Team Solution to create channels, manage content requests, posts, rules, feeds, etc. Support for Front-end and Back-end users/groups.

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Engage & Publish

Create faster and more efficient social communications across networks. Publish as soon content is available. Smoothly integrated with the whole CMS ecosystem.

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Streamline your social tasks

Work based on automation, customization, and brand publishing definitions. Optimize your efforts on conversations and effectively engage at all times.

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Fully Integrated Publishing ToolsMake content creation a team effort with Joomla integrated hub

Integrated Operation

Content is published from integrated extensions, and distributed to social channels according defined rules.

Team collaboration tools

Tasks managed according Joomla Users, Groups, Roles, and Permissions.

Media Management

Options to include images, choose image to post , powerful media message creation.


Advanced scheduling & publishing tools

Edition tools allows to define content item attributes, publishing agenda, repeat frequency, evergreen properties, specific images or channels.

Define perfect messages

Powerful Rule Engine, to create customized messages by category, author, language, pattern replacement, text terms, etc.

Complement your strategy

RSS Feeds grabber to add new Articles and Messages. Conditional to specific subjects.

Essential tool for managing social networks

Manage a wide set of channels: Facebook Profile, Event, Group, Link, Page, and Photo; Twitter; LinkedIn Profile, Company, or Group; Google+ Moments Profiles or Pages; and VK Profile or Group (beta).

Essential tool for managing social networks
Essential tool for managing social networks

Cutting Edge Automation

Post your website activity, or any of your social media distribution channels, immediately on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus..

LMS KingLMS King is The Newest and Best Open Source Joomla LMS!, Scorm 1.1, 1.2, 2004 compatible, Specifically written to only work with Joomla 3.1 and above so that you have no problems with upgrading from older versions to the new Joomla 3 framework. If you need a learning system, then this is a professional level Learning Management System for Joomla! If you are looking for an open source Joomla LMS (Learning Management System), then this is just what you need. LMS King is the most powerful Joomla eLearning solution. It comes with all of our extensions (components, modules, plugins) which are fully integrated into the LMS. Our specially designed Learning Management System (LMS) has been developed to work on Joomla version 3.1 and above. It provides you with an easy to use and manage eLearning portal. This system offers you everything you need from online testing and exams to presentations and quizzes. See the Extensions section of this product description for the full list of extensions that are available. You don't have to be a guru or showroom expert to use our LMS. Our easy to use wizard will turn you into an LMS KING. Our professional version of this exclusive eLMS will allow you to further the learning and expertise of yourself and your team while avoiding the needlessly overcomplicated menus, instructions and functions which some software applications in this sector seem to favour. For a fuss-free, effective and professional Joomla LMS which offers best value for money you need look no further than LMS King. ➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟ Feature List ▶Test Types: ✔Quiz ✔Exam ✔Presentation ✔Survey ✔SCORM Scorm 1.1, 1.2, 2004 compatible ▶Question Types: Our LMS King system currently contains the ability to create 18 types of questions, with more in development. Several question types are very similar, but internally, very different. ✔Multiple Choice ✔Fill in Blank ✔Multiple Response ✔Yes/No ✔Drop-down List ✔Short Answer ✔Matching ✔Fill in Multiple Blanks ✔Essay ✔Numeric ✔True/False ✔Presentation ✔SCORM ✔Right/Wrong ✔Grid ✔Selector ✔Agree/Disagree ▶Test Types: ✔Quiz ✔Exam ✔Survey ✔SCORM ✔Presentation ▶Reports: ✔The system contains more than 30 reports. For more information, please see the full product details on our site.

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What Our Customers Said

  • This extension does exactly what it says it does: sharing content from your Joomla site to your social media sites. It has a wide array of features and has very thorough documentation. I was up and running in less than 5 minutes. This extension makes consistency in our marketing efforts significantly easier.

    On top of that, there service is superb! I have worked with a great number of third party Joomla extension developers and this company is one of my top 3 when it comes to support. I almost always get responses to my support tickets the same day and they provide you with the exact answer or solution you are looking for. The extension itself has never had issues, but I often times have special requests and they're quick to respond. I've even seen them add features I have requested in the very next release of the software! Truly one of the best developers out there!
    Source: Joomla! Extensions Directory
    CarbonIsleCarbonIsleCustomer review on JED
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Latest From the Blog

New Social Composer in Joocial v7.4.3 Beta

Published: Monday, 20 October 2014

We have just released Joocial v7.4.3 Beta. This version comes with the first prototype of the Social Composer.

What is the Social Composer?

It is a brand new tool to create social Posts for Joomla!. It is integrated with whole AutoTweet - Joocial hub, thus content requests follows the same rules and integrated social channels for publishing.

This a full Application to navigate requests and create new Posts. The editor has the full set of features of AutoTweetNG or Joocial:

  • Publishing Options
  • Evergreen Posts
  • Channel Selection
  • Post Scheduling, Agenda and Calendars
  • Post Repeats

From a technical point view, the new tool is an AngularJS application, living in its own right inside the Joomla! ecosystem, integrated with all extension enabled by AutoTweetNG and Joocial.

Right now, the Beta version includes a non-functional editor to show the upcoming features. To check it, you can download and update your site to this version, or review the following screenshots.

Publishing Options and Evergreen Posts

Channel Selection

Post Scheduling, Agenda and Calendars

Post Repeats

Thank you for your support and feedback!

Start you Joocial social media strategy today!

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