The future hub for content management systems: At this point, we are almost ready to release the first iteration of Joocial 9. These are the objectives of this first release:

  1. Run Joocial 9 in Standalone mode (Headless).
  2. Migrate our demo site, Joocial News, and start testing Joocial 9 in a live site - only for experts -.
  3. Requirements and compatibility: PHP 7 or PHP 5.6
  4. CMS: Joomla! 3 and Standalone mode
  5. Push and Web Notificactions: Pushwoosh
  6. Social Channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger,, Telegram, Medium, Tumblr, Xing, JomSocial, EasySocial and VK Profile.
  7. Unit Tests: more 200 automated tests and counting...

Be ready; you can start right now with the current generation of extensions, click here for more information.